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The Pearl of Wisdom
"Wisdom Study Version"
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From the book, "The Pearl of Wisdom" or "Guru Mani",
by His Holiness, M. R. Bawa Muhaiyadddeen 
(may God be pleased with Him, and with Us)
About The Book "The Pearl of Wisdom"


Chapter 17
- "Original Version" -

"The Earthen Pot"
And "The Brass Vessel"

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His Holiness Teaches Us:


Son, it is a very rare wonder for a man to be born wise. The Formless Lord, the Faultless King, the Greatest Creator, The Primordial, Compassionate One, the Effulgence that governs the several universes, was determined to create Man And Woman as Human.  

He Replaced Darkness With Grace and Converted The Four Purest Essences of Duty, Charity, Generosity, And Patience into The Four Elements. His Grace Of Light Made Bliss of Maya (the world of illusory pleasures), and Made The Incomparable Breath (heart-beat) The Temple Of The Kings Grace.

The person who perform his duties conscientiously, with kindness and pleasure,
become His Slave.

He forgets the world of joyful illusion, and is determined to live accepting God as the One and the Only One.

With words of grace, and with eyes and mouth full of smiling happiness, he is advised by God at length,

"O Son, Listen. You are going to leave this world of the devas (spiritual world)" 
and are about to enter the land of trick and illusion, "Mayaa-Jaalam" (city of
magic), in the country of self-destructive possessive people".  

I am about to place this pure life inside an impure house.

Be there in your "Mother's Womb". Be cautious and dumb in your "Mother's Womb" for ten months, according to God's bidding. In this way, be in protective custody. There you will learn the heavenly bliss and the tricks of mesmerism.

There will be dirt everywhere. Wherever you look, you will see hell. What can be said of the dark-roomed prison?

My Son, take care and escape.

Thereafter, you will see the town of which I mentioned earlier. Here you will live for ten months learning the novelties of the place. Use the "Magic of Silence" in this mesmerizing self-destructive city full of many secrets, all of which you must master within this ten month period

In this pleasurable city of "Mamakaram" (City of Possessiveness) you will find 
"Manu-neesan" (the non-human) eating with joy the fruit of the "Eddi" tree (the tree of poison) to his heart's content, and having poisoned himself thus, he stays in the jungle of the poisonous garden with the poison tormenting his entire body, and weakening him until he is withered with a dried-up tongue which oozes out blue saliva. His shrinking bowels send out a foul odor.  

This is the world of hell, My Son, all this Creation of man is ten and ten making a total of twenty months. Having been silent you must continue to be silent, absorbing the inner secret, that must continue to remain a secret within you.

Only then will man in this world become human (when having been silent for 10 months in his mother's womb, he continues to be silent in the "Earth World" for 10 months, absorbing the inner secret, that must continue to remain a secret within you).

In the self-destructive country there will be millions and millions (crores) of qualities which defy description and make it impossible for man the human to live there. You cannot bear it and you cannot see. 

There will be those who loiter there dangerously with no self-control from which you must try to escape cautiously. 

I shall tell you about some of the ways that man moves about on earth.

I will give you something to be sold for a week at the market place of disheveled heads in the self-destructive country.

Do not lose the stuff or waste the money realized from the sale.  

You must market it for a week, and sell it Yourself, and bring the profit to me If you gain a profit from this sale you will be able to stay in a palace for several weeks.  

It is very rare to attain this magnificent palace. It is also very rare for a person in the self-destructive country to every enter this palace.

It is customary for me to give two things to those who visit this country. One is the "Earthen Pot" and another is the "Brass Vessel". At the time of the Creation of the soul (atma) these two vessels are shown.  

The soul (atma) is asked, 

"Which of these do you want?  
You are free to accept what you like"

The soul (atma) replies, 

"O Father, My God, 
What are the attributes of these two?
Please teach me, O Father"

Thus the soul inquires from God.  

Listen. He says:

Those who choose the earthen pot and go to the country of self-destructiion will be 
without food for the stomach, will be without clothes to wear, and will be without water to quench their thirst. They will have no house, no dwelling place, and no abode to live. They will get wet in the rain and scorched in the sun. They will wonder about in the market place of the self-destructive country, senseless, with fatigue and exhaustion.

The inhabitants of the city of possessiveness (Mamakaram) in the self-destructive country will dance carrying symbols of the city of Mamakaram thinking that all that glitters is gold. They do not like those who choose the earthen pot, which they think is not worth a cent. They treat gold like sand, dispel duty, and destroy virtue.  

They will say, 

"Your earthen pot will break if you put it down. It will break if it falls down
accidentally. It will get shattered into pieces and become pulp if a stone
strikes it".  

The person who carries the earthen pot will undergo misery, be abused, and go to unnatural places. You will stand with your mouth shut and fold your hands. You will shed copious tears and your heart will weep. You will wander at this confusion worse confounded.  

But even at this stage, you must guard your pot very carefully. If you crack it, you will see the seventh house.


Swami, O Guru, what is the meaning of the seventh house? Where is it. Please explain it to me.


O Son, I have not finished my story, but I shall answer your question. Listen, Son.  

It is said that there are seven hells. It is the seventh hell which is intermingled within us. These seven hells are the seven evil qualities of the desire for land, desire for women, desire for gold, arrogance, anger, "mine and "yours". They are known as the seven hells or "abans".  

These seven hells harm the borrowed house of man. If man can conquer and win victory over these seven evil qualities through his human qualities, he will gain the Eight Heavens.

My Son, I shall tell you a subtle way to overcome the seven hells.

There is a big pond. If you want to build a bund for this pond you must estimate the quality of water in the pond. You must also estimate the amount of rain water that falls into the pond. These estimates must be done before the bund could be built.  

Do you understand what I say? 


No Swami, Please explain it to me.


O Son, listen Now.  

The life of a true man is like a heavy rainfall. The pond is the sharpness of his intellect. The bund is patience and forebearance. The one who has these qualities is the true man who will try to overcome the seven hells of the borrowed house.  

At this stage all of the rains of the world will fall on him and rush towards him, calling out to the believers of the Primal One, 

"Who do you think you are?"

These torrents of water will attack him, hit him, break him, and try to destroy the bund.

And the seven evils (abans) of man are the waves of water which will constantly wage war with the devotees. We must trample the seven evils (abans), and trample them with our feet.

The bund of the pond is the virtuous wife of a married man who with her patience and calmness will tolerate the gushing waters of the pond and not permit the waves to rise.

Such a women is a "Letchimi" of the world (Goddess of Prosperity). Her destined husband is the pond. The rain water will attempt to destroy the bund swelling up the miseries of the world. Mindful of these dangers she is like the bund using her patience and calmness to prevent the waters from rising high. She is the virtuous wife. Married life is said to be great, to voice one opinion. You must realize this.

In the same way, if a man is to become a true man, he must build a bund of patience and calmness. His sharpness of intellect must be equal to the bund. His intellect and his body must be able to overcome the waves of misery and afflictions that will try to overpower him like the rain in the pond.

If he so conducts his life he will triumph over the seven evils (abans). He is the real male. Know this Son, Gem of My Eyes.

The duty of the person who chooses the earthen pot is to keep it unbroken and safe for one week.  

He has to sell it at the market place in the country of self-destruction and bring to me every cent of the sale.  

Then he can stay with me in this place for several thousands of years.

He will have to stay only one week in the country of self-destruction but with me he can spend countless weeks. Be mindful of this.

The special qualities of the earthen pot are poverty, illness, difficulties, sorrow, and lack of pleasure.  

However, whoever willingly and freely takes on this earthen Pot for a week will experience charity, compassion, generosity, virtue, truth, patience, duty, justice, human qualities, and fear of God.  

He will experience thoughts of death, softness of heart, flood of Compassion, and the Fear of Allahu-ta-aalaa, the Blissful One. His kindness will not deviate from your words even an iota day-in and day-out.  

His heart will be full of kindness and ever increasing Joy. He will find happiness even amidst sorrow. People will praise him and celebrate his glory. He will take his place in the palace of pearls (Manimadam).

Those who listen to these words intensely, and with clarity, will become pure of soul, and say,

"O God, when I hear there words, I become frightened. When I hear of the
country of self-destruction my head trembles.  

"Lord, I do not want this. Nor do I want this pot"

"O King, O God of Compassion, Gem of My Eyes, place Your Compassionate
foot on my head".

"This alone is sufficient. Give me only that".

So God places His Holy Foot on the Shining Head. This is "Awwal" (the writing on the Tablet).

Those who receive this will exceed in love, experience supreme bliss, overflow with happiness, with the lamp of light in his heart, which will illuminate everywhere with effulgence.  

He will glitter as the exalted, "Swamiyar" commanding praise, dignity, respect and compassion.

This is the writing of the "Awwal" which each man receives as the destiny written on his head.  

He who receives the earthen pot will reach paradise. He will be born as human, live as human, with human qualities.  

Such a person who has received the earthen pot will very, very rarely witness hell.
There may be many who come to the state of yoga, and some will pronounce words of wisdom. 

The soul who chooses the brass vessel is born on the earth and enjoys life to the fullest. He sings, dances, enjoys the company of friends, and plays games. Where is stone? Where is God?

He believes that all that glitters is gold, and lives the way he desires. He transforms impatience into wisdom and haste into to respectful anger. He wanders where he pleases. He accepts the country of self-destruction as his own and the City of Possessiveness (Mamakaram) as his own.

He says, 

    "Look here. The Brass is shining. Buy this without hesitation. It is Pure Brass.  
    It won't break. Even if it breaks it can be mended. It won't bend. Even if it bends
    It can be straightened.

    Look at it in the sun. See how it blinds your eyes. Look at it in the shade and
    see how beautiful it is! Is there such beauty anywhere else? It is not available in
    the market. You cannot go and come back. Its a pleasure to see it, every time.
    You cannot see its likes again.

    Look, it is shining. There will be no repetition of this birth. These are our things,
    our shop with our things. This shining Brass. Nowhere else have I seen a place
    like this market of the self-destructive country. This will never be offered again.

    Come! Come! Come with confidence and look. This is the place to feast yo
    eye and to play. It will give you pleasure".

So saying these entrancing words, he takes away all goodness and truth, and makes it appear that impermanent things last forever. He glorifies the shining quality of brass.

He says, 

    "Look at this brass vessel. I shall drop it down. If it bends I shall straighten it 
    If it breaks I shall mend it. It can never be destroyed. It is flawless. It is not easily
    available. It will bring joy too."

But a person with wisdom and knowledge, and the person with the six levels of wisdom are not captivated by these words. The secret of the market place in the country of self-destruction is known to the self-realized man.

Thus, with songs, dance, and joyous words, the pure life called the soul is shown the two types of circumstances that surround the two types of vessels in the country of self-destruction.

All those who choose the brass vessel will perform ten times more the many 
actions mentioned above.

Those who choose to enjoy for a week the worldly pleasures of money, property, possession, freedom, wife, child, calf, cow, house, high-storeys, studies, employment, respect, illusion, esteem, will at the end of it find they are afflicted by deep sorrow and ruinous hell

There will be none even to inquire after them. The beautiful appearance of the shining brass vessel will lead them to this fate.

But Son, it is very rare to be able to reach the palace of pearls (Manimadam).  
It is also very rare to receive the exalted foot of the King.

"The rare human" who achieves this state is called "Swamiyar".  

It is the "Swamiyar" who gains knowledge as pure effulgence, and wants only to keep his head beneath His glorious foot, saying,

"You are the One I want".

"The rare human" who achieves this state is ordained to be a "Swamiyar" according to the fate written on his head.

To find such a person, My Son, is a great rarity. Do you see, My Son, the secret characteristics of the four types of Swamis?  

Among these Swamis you must search for the Swami whose words are the great words of joyous grace.  

Know this My Disicple, Gems of My Eyes.


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